Seeds or Stones?



Jill’s new neighbor had the most glorious sunflowers growing so tall that she could see them over the fence.  When her neighbor caught her peeping, Jill blushed and said she wished she could grow sunflowers. 

“I’ll give you some seeds,” her neighbor said.  “Water and they’ll grow!”

The next day Jill found a tiny plastic bag that had been stapled shut lying on her walkway leading to the door.  She went right into her backyard garden area and planted each pebble-like seed about a foot apart and generously watered it.  She watered and weeded the area every day but after two weeks there was still no sign of anything growing except the occasional weed.  She added plant food and nutrients but a week more passed and still nothing. 

At the end of the next week she ran into her neighbor as they were both leaving home. 

“Oh, my, I’m so sorry!  Just a minute…,” said her neighbor and a moment later she came running from her house with a small cup and gave it to Jill.  “Here’s the seeds I promised.  I’m sorry I forgot to bring them sooner.”

When her neighbor left Jill ran back into her own house and grabbed the tiny bag with the seeds she had planted, the ones that looked like gravel.  She realized she had planted these tiny stones, the kind businesses use to weigh down the business card they staple to the bag.  She assumed they were the seeds.  No wonder nothing grew!

We’ve all been a bit silly at times, and we’ve all been impatient to see something happen, see something grow, or see something we’ve started come to fruition. 

My prayer in blogging is twofold:  plant seeds to grow faith in God by writing and writing to earn my living.  To avoid dropping stones that won’t sprout – I know I’m a wordy bird writer – I’m cutting back the blogs to twice a week for now.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated and I thank you all for your support! 

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 (ESV)


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