Oozing Belgian Chocolate



In about sixteen days, chocoholics in Arizona will swarm to the Glendale Chocolate Affaire 2013 to indulge in their weakness for all things chocolate.  And we’ll be there…our own 4′ tall chocolate fountain flowing with decadent Belgian chocolate!  We’ll sell skewers of goodies such as fresh (not frozen) bananas, custard filled cream puffs, rice crispy bars, and marshmallows dripping with this amazing chocolate along with our frozen chocolate dipped key lime pie that seems to sell out every year before the end of the three day event no matter how well we plan for it!  For the three days of the event, we’ll live, breathe, eat, drink and ooze Belgian chocolate – and love every minute of it!

We’ve been part of this event for about ten years and each year presents it’s own challenge and its own unique successes.

The first year we had skewers of strawberries that were to absolutely die for!  That year’s crop of berries were large, sweet and perfect with our Belgian chocolate!  The people who govern this event, however, said we couldn’t serve strawberries any more so…

Enter our Frozen chocolate-dipped key lime pie!  It is actual key lime pie made with Florida key limes and paired with our pure Belgian chocolate (and no, we do not add wax to our chocolate)…amazing taste!  One slice will usually indulge two people’s key lime and chocolate craving, and many of our repeat clients order enough to take home.  One client orders an entire pie and several others drive from all over Arizona just for this one item every year.  It makes us feel terrible if we’ve sold out, and we try very hard to please every customer.

We love watching the expressions on people’s faces change when they taste our chocolate…the richness seems to be an unexpected delight!

This year we’re buying lots more pies and we hope to be able to serve as many who want it.  It’s always a mystery…but a most delicious one.    

If you’re in the Phoenix area, come to Glendale on February 8, 9 and 10 and look for us!  We’ll be the folks with the huge fountain just waiting to serve our luxurious Belgian chocolate over your choice of sweets.  And if you want us to save you a slice of pie, better send me an email quick!    


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