Talking Textiles

Image I have a passion for fabric, pattern, color, lines and that may be why I love staging and redecorating.  (When I staged my mom’s house to be sold the realty people thought she’d brought in a pro but it was just little old me – and after being on the market for so long, the house sold in days! I’ve done this for several people and love it!  Can you tell I’m addicted to HGTV?)

Anyhow, when I look at a particular piece of furniture, a pattern or texture of fabric, I don’t see it separate, I see it in my own imaginary setting.  Here’s an insight into my crazy mind as I’m looking at each of these shower curtains…

The first pattern on the left with the line drawn floral says peaceful.  I can see it paired with paintings of birds and a nest of blue eggs as a decor.  It would be great with pewter fixtures.  Cream and blue linens are a must but black or charcoal could also be used.    

The second pattern has glittery dust that sparkles but its hard to see in the photo. The closed thistle pattern is elegant and the glitz begs for large crystal jars or footed glass bowls filled with spa items. I’d pair this with soft teal for a hint of relaxation or deep purple for a richer look.  

Third from the left combines leaf stamps to form scalloped diamonds and though it looks beige in the photo, it’s a taupe gray tone accented with toffee brown.  It’s muted and begs for paintings of coffee colored overlarge leaf silhouettes on parchment paper, polished bronze fixtures, and square glass jars rested in metal stands.  It will pair beautifully with sky blue and coffee linens.    

Third from the right says casual beachy and fun. The colors in the fabric can be blended and used as eclectic linen collection but baskets of sea glass or shells and a funky fish painting would take it to the sea.  Brushed nickel finishes for sure!

The blue and white, second from the right,  scream for milk glass jars, pure white linens, and a nature or garden painting with a weathered fence showing just to take the sterility out of it.  Add a pewter bucket filled with washcloths and clear vase of fresh greens.

The teal with orchid silhouette on the right can be a neutral paired with many colors.  Yellow or orange melon tones would make it playful while another neutral such as white, black or tan would make it more formal. If the playful colors were used I’d go with greens like green glass containers and add a painting blending all the colors.  If neutral, I’d want a polished nickel look for everything else and add a vase of bear grass and orchids.   

Can you see it?  

My daughter and I are giving her bathroom a mini make-over sans repainting and as I strolled through Target I was drawn to the shower curtains. Since it’s her bathroom I snapped this photo of several in colors she specified and sent them to her.   “Second from left” she texted.  I sent a close up.  “If you want it”.  I sent a close up of the third from left.  “Oooo…that’s the one!”   Although every one of these fabrics delivered a message, she found the one that was speaking to her.  And after watching the Pier 1 commercials where the inanimate objects talk to people, I know we aren’t the only ones who hear the textiles talking!  

The comforter is whispering my name and the cats are settling in to their places on the bed signalling my time to pray and listen to what God is saying. 


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