The Beauty of Women in the South

The Beauty of Women in the South

I attended a funeral today, my first funeral in the South in 13 years, and what struck me in addition to the wonderful life and legacy of the man who passed, was the beauty of the women attending the service. From the lovely widow to the granddaughters to every woman there (and there were many), ages teen to eighty-something was represented. They wore flattering, modest, stylish dresses, skirts, suits, or dressy slacks, each outfit adding to the poise of the wearer. Complexions, hair color and style varied but it was obvious that every woman had invested time and attention in her appearance. From the oldest to the youngest, all sizes, shapes, and statures, each woman radiated and appeared comfortably proud of her own unique beauty. It was like she was crowned with feeling lovely, appreciated, and confident in her femininity. And she, every she present, wore it like a beauty queen.

I love being a woman of the South.

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