There are some days when you feel everything is just right in the world. Even if this isn’t one of them, there are still some things that are right.

Forgiveness is right. Forgiving those who have hurt or offended you, asking forgiveness of those you have hurt or offended. Our motives are sometimes misunderstood. Our meanings are sometimes mistaken. Our intentions may be good but then, wham, they come back and slap us. Or maybe we are the aching ones, the ones covered in pain and shame and humiliation and ugliness. We can’t force someone to forgive us, but we can do our part in offering an apology. I think it takes sometimes takes tremendous courage to say I’m sorry. We become the Fonz who can’t say we were wrong, but when we do, it breaks open the communication barriers and allows for meaningful conversation and understanding.

Boundaries are right. In every type of relationship we have emotional and physical boundaries. Sometimes those boundaries flex depending upon change in the relationship. Aligning them properly or putting them back into place is right.

Learning is right. Learning from our mistakes, learning from our assumptions, learning from our expectations that were not met. With every twist and turn in all the things that happen in our lives, we add a new tool to our toolbox for maneuvering through life and helping others.

Rebuilding is right. A complete demolition and start over may be exactly what’s needed at times. Fear is our enemy in this but once the first sledgehammer is swung and the building starts tumbling, there’s a bit of freedom, a bit of confidence, a bit of determination to be done with the old and truly start over.

All of these rights, however, crumble and lose their footing with a few very significant wrongs.

Justifying actions at the expense of someone else is wrong. We are to take ownership and confront the issue with the appropriate parties.

Betraying a trust is wrong. That simple. Just wrong.

Gossiping, sarcastic references, and statements or actions designed to inflict or continue a hurt are all wrong.

Misleading others is wrong.

For believers, our love of the Lord and obedience to his Word is the priority. Are we exempt from mistakes? No. What do we do? Stop making that mistake, ask forgiveness, set new boundaries, learn from our missteps, and rebuild ourselves to honor our Lord. Not doing this mottles our thoughts and actions with the burden of guilt and shame no matter how we try to name it differently, leaving no peace. He knows our hearts, he knows our thoughts, he knows our intentions, he knows what is true and what we present as true to preserve our image to the outside world.

For those I need to forgive, I forgive. For those I have hurt, I beg your forgiveness. God is our redeemer, he is good, he heals, mends, and transforms. Beauty from ashes.

Wiping off the char…waiting on my Lord.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17

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